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SAM | Safe Air Mobility

Features & Benefits

Finally, an App That Empowers You to Fly Worry Free

Safety Becomes Digital

Safe Air Mobility (SAM) App provides a digital solution to aerial safety challenges. SAM enables eVTOLs & drone operators to understand their flight safety concerns in just a few clicks. 

Aerial Safety Myth Solved

eVTOLs will occupy our urban spaces starting in 2024/2025. But our urban environments, insurance providers, city planners & citizens are not ready yet! SAM is the first app that provides eVTOL flight risk evaluation. 

Drone Package Delivery Normalized

SAM provides drone package delivery companies with the ability to optimize drone flight routes in urban environments, enhance drone battery efficiency, avoid unsafe flights, & minimize drone noise complaints.

Neighbors Concerns Addressed

Safety of drones & eVTOLs, noise disturbance & compromised privacy seem to be the most common homeowners' concerns. SAM is the first step in addressing all these. This feature will be available in Q2 2023.

Airspace Design Made Easy!

SAM is designed by a team of experts with deep knowledge of the real estate market & is going to address these issues soon! The current version of SAM addresses the flight safety challenges, but Version 2 will address airspace design challenges brought by drones and eVTOLs.

SAM v1 Is Here!

SAM's current version is available now. It provides a quantitative assessment of drones & eVTOLs flight safety. But we are just getting started! SAM Version 2 - with enhanced features - arrives in Q2 2023. Version 2 coverage goes beyond the United States to include Japan & South Korea. It also includes urban noise disturbance models & a revamped UI!

There Is Something for Everyone

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