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SAM | Safe Air Mobility

The Whole Sky is Our Playground

SAM (Safe Air Mobility) App provides drone and eVTOL operators with flight safety tools including flight safety plan, route optimization & insurance recommendations.

For Pilots: Navigate with Confidence 

Our flight safety app helps drone & eVTOL operators to safely navigate by providing flight safety assessments, safe route optimization, and insurance recommendations.

For Insurance Companies: Provide Confident Advice

Our enterprise solution is designed to provide risk models for eVTOLs & drones. Now insurance companies can provide confident advice & reliable quotes to eVTOL & drone operators worldwide. 

Locating Vertiports & Analyzing eVTOLs Made Easy 

City managers & VCs can analyze eVTOLs easily!

Features & Services

Your Trusted Advisor for Safe eVTOL & Drone Operations

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In the construction business safety is very important to us. Unfortunately, it seems there are not much about drones' safety. We use SAM app every day to evaluate pre-flight safety. It's awesome!


Director of Safety at a Private Construction Company

We were always concerned about our drone operation safety. SAM provided us with the assurance that we always follow safety precautions. Thank you!


Marketing Manager at a Private Drone Business

SAM did a great job in onboarding and training our staff. We now can easily understand the safety aspects of our drones & eVTOLs operations. 


Aviation Safety Expert 


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Plans & Pricing


  • Advanced Risk Map

  • Flight Safety Scorecard

  • Comprehensive Risk, Safety & Hazard Analysis Report


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  • Advanced Risk Map

  • Flight Safety Scorecard

  • Comprehensive Risk, Safety & Hazard Analysis Report

  • Access to SAM Intelligent Engine for Customizable Multi-Variable Flight Risk Analysis

  • Risk Score comparison


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